About Us

Cant Furnir is a family business with 12 years of experience in sourcing and selling wood products such as veneers and edge banding.

Your main partner in furniture making

Seriousness, responsibility and meticulousness are aspects that define the company’s work, and we are always willing to improve both the quality of the products offered and the service. Honesty is the principle on which we base all our partnerships, both with our own suppliers and with our customers.

Our mission

The main goal of our company is to offer quality veneers and edge bandings to all customers on the furniture market, both in Romania and abroad. Thus, we cater to all specialists in the art of furniture with a wide range of veneers and edge bandings.

Our vision

We believe that for a high-class piece of furniture, quality materials are needed, but also the utmost promptness in its delivery. So we made sure from the beginning to deliver the best quality raw materials to our customers in the shortest time possible.

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